Daily Archives: 1, May 2012

HBO’s Girls

Despite our best intentions of unbundling our lives from the evils of Comcast, we have signed up for HBO.

I’m not proud of it. But I will say that the HBO programming is amazing.

Have you seen “Girls”? I was reluctant – after all of the hype. How great could it really be? Well, totes amaze. Last week’s episode entitled “Vagina Panic” had me LOL-ing and cringing at the same time.

I should add that while I love the characters of Hannah and Marnie most of all, I think it’s great that they’ve included a Brit in the mix in the form of Jessa – beautiful, distant and way too cool for her own good. Every show needs one of those.

And even if you have boycotted Comcast, you can watch the full first episode of “Girls,” thanks to the good people at YouTube.