Secret sandwich ingredient

Photo credit: Damian Clarkson, MSN

When Americans are making a sandwich, they bring out the cold cuts, the cheese, the veggies (sometimes), the mayo, the mustard, the pickles. Sometimes there are pepperoncinis or jalapenos, to kick things up a notch. Sometimes there is oil and salt and pepper to give it all a little tszuj.

But one thing they miss consistently? Butter! Brits know this. The first thing they do is spread a layer of butter on their bread and voila! It becomes magical. It almost alleviates the need for any mayo, mustard or (excuse me while I retch!) Miracle Whip or salad cream.

The best sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life (top 10, I’d say) are all from the U.K. – and maybe a couple sandwiches in France. Pile a slice or two of ham (not more than that! Americans are way too obsessed with too much meat on their sandwich), cheese (emmenthal or comte), cornichons and a thin layer of butter (and in my case, I go very thin!) on a perfect baguette and I’m a happy girl!


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  1. Without butter? Hmmm… salted or unsalted butter? šŸ˜‰

  2. Andrea Binger

    The best sandwich I ever had was at the train station in Lyon and it was from a shop similar to a Subway here in the US–it was bread, butter, salami and cornichon! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!!!!!

  3. I would hate to eat a sandwich without butter, preferably salted and I have no idea what miracle whip is! If there is no butter any filling just soaks into the bread. However in my experience it is impossible to buy butter in the USA that you can spread straight from the fridge. Nothing edible that is.

  4. I’ve never put butter on my sandwich…interesting. The bf puts butter on his hard boiled eggs which kind of skeeves me out but he swears it’s good. o_O

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