Home sweet Haringey

It’s been over a decade since we were living in North London, off the Green Lanes, in the Turkish neighborhood of Haringey.

It used to feel like a place you’d need a passport to get to – the antithesis of what outsiders think of traditional British – but it was an interesting place to hang a hat for a few years. Back then, it was “up-and-coming.” A little rough, yes. Colorful, certainly. But a great spot to get a kebab and homemade baklava at any time of the day or night.

I recently was Google searching to see what the neighborhood was like now. House prices have risen significantly since we were there – now a three-bedroom terraced house will sell for £380,000 (That’s $612,000!).

But I also found a little write-up on Time Out’s website, which completely captures the essence of that place when we were there.

Maybe the more things change, the more they stay the same. It was actually comforting to know it still really is “a place where you can buy offal, electrical equipment, exotic fruits and elaborate wedding cakes, often in the one shop.”


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  1. I love that description of the offal/wedding cake/exotic fruit shop! And long may such a mix exist!

  2. Hello Trish – a big wave and a smile from Blighty – and the if you’ll forgive me a couple of corrections. I think you mena Harringay, rather than Haringey more on that at http://hgyol.in/tsojeI and, for the full fat version, http://hgyol.in/wDmlHN.

    Get ready for a sharp intake of breath, three beds on the Ladder are now selling for £650,000 – yup selling at, not being advertised at.

    Green Lanes has smartened up rather since your photo, but it thankfully hasn’t gentrified.

    You’re welcome to sign up to Harringay Online to keep up with the haps in the old hood. With 5,000 registered members, we’ve got a good smattering of the Harringay Diaspora online.


    PS: Could we borrow a bit of your sunshine please.

    • Hi Hugh,

      Yes, I used to always get confused by Harringay vs. Haringey. Thanks for sending that and sharing the latest. £650,000?!!! I think we paid £750/month for rent back in the day…I’m sure that’s gone up as well…

  3. I know the area – lived not far from there, for years. Quite a colourful area. But you had to mention Baklava, didn’t you? Now I have a craving… 😉

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