Oscars dish

Was it just me or were the Oscars more tame (and more snooze-worthy than usual) this year?

But a big congrats to Christopher Plummer for his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I haven’t seen “Beginners” but it’s moved up my short list of films to watch pronto.

I have yet to see “Iron Lady” (come on, cut me some slack. I haven’t been to the movies since “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and actually mistakenly thought I was seeing a James Bond movie until Tom Cruise hit the screen about 10 minutes in and I whispered, “What happened to Daniel Craig?”) but was pleased to see Meryl Streep win and I loved her acceptance speech.

Colin Firth’s words to her as he announced the nominees + her lovely, touching, cheeky, wonderful speech was easily one of the highlights of the evening for me.

(The other would be Sasha “The Dictator” Baron Cohen on the red carpet, leaving Ryan Seacrest an ashy mess. Hurray for Hollywood.)

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