Daily Archives: 7, February 2012

License to bartend

Yep, they're British.

Sometimes, only a Brit will do.

Such is the thinking behind BritishBartenders.com, an L.A. company that brings posh British bartenders and staff to service any event.

Started by a British bartending bloke (say that three times fast) named Martin Cole, the business is famous for “private event mixology” and “bartending to the stars,” according to their website. They can provide all of the ingredients, glasswear, alcohol and ice as well as the bar itself for the perfect bash.

I think he’s on to something. Brits know how to make a good, stiff drink. They don’t bat an eye at excess and they know how to tie a Windsor knot. Plus, they know how to pull a proper pint, when you grow tired of cocktails.

Too bad I’m not in L.A…