21st century telegrams

When I was living in the U.K., I was very surprised to hear that people were still sending telegrams.


At our wedding, they even read some telegrams out loud. Who knew this “technology” was still alive and well?! Not me …

I’ve just located a company called Red Bike Telegrams that’s taking a luxury approach to this tried and true communication – they deliver them on heavyweight card with embossed gold and red foil finish with your personal message.

This romantic correspondence can be sent in the U.K. or internationally – wherever your heart desires. Stop. Room for up to 500 characters. Stop. That’s more than a Tweet. Stop. Brilliant!


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  1. Thanks a lot.
    Nothing nicer than a toasted crumpet, a pot of tea – from a pot covered with a tea cosy –
    a Red Bike Telegram and my personal favourite ‘a Paddington’.
    Humble owner and really grumpy old man – Red Bike Telegram.
    PS.Did you know that sales of tea cosies,Tiddlywinks and telegrams are on the upward path?

  2. I didn’t know people still sent telegrams either! (What I love is when I come across old ones that were sent to my family, like on my birth!)

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