Another blow to pets in Britain

A week or so ago, I blogged about the breading cat craze that’s taking over the Internets.

I tried to bread my cat this weekend. She was decidedly uncooperative. So was my bread. The slice was made weakened once I carved out the middle and then she bolted each time I moved toward her with the altered slice. This was the best result I could get:

I’m starting to think breading is just a Photoshop exercise.

In any case, the BBC has reported on another blow for British pets.

More British pet owners are taking a cue from Americans and dressing up their pets in the kind of pet fashion that used to make Brits gag, guffaw and/or cringe. Sherlock Holmes costumes. Dinosaur costumes. Superhero costumes. The kind of ultra cutesy petwear that used to be reserved for only the most naff of American pets and their owners. Clothing for pets is a booming market with spending expected to break the £30m mark in 2012 in the UK, according to market research firm MTW Research.

Exhibit A:

This photo accompanied the BBC story. No joke.

Exhibit B:

U.S. firm Kitty Wigs actually makes colored wigs for cats. These cat models are the only the kinds of cats that would tolerate being breaded.

I can’t stop looking at these photos, reading this story and shedding a small tear for the cats and dogs of the U.K. These costumes make a slice of Wonder bread around the head look inviting.


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