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There ain’t no cure for the wintertime brews

We may still be in the thick of winter but the worst of it is thankfully behind us. Yes, I’m talking about the end of the winter brews – those dreadful American spiced lagers and ales that have been everywhere since Thanksgiving.

Enemy number 1 in the spicy brew world? Samuel Adams’ Winter Lager. I must’ve seen the commercial at least 100 times, groaning with each careful mention of the spices involved. I like spices in my gingerbread, pumpkin pie, hot apple cider, sure. But beer? No thanks. Brits may drink their beer warm but they don’t dare mess about with cinnamon and ginger in the brewing process. I can respect that.

I’m happy to report that winter lager is now gone from Samuel Adams’ website and has been replaced by something spice-free: an Alpine Spring brew. It’s always something.