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International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day

Oh, London! I love you for your utter whimsy! Check out the celebration that took place this weekend in Trafalgar Square to mark International Pillow Fight Day. Organised by Urban Playground Movement, the fight rules were simple: don’t hit anyone with a camera and don’t hit anyone without a pillow.

International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day

International Pillow Fight Day


A cock(erel) in Trafalgar Square

A cockerel in Trafalgar Square

London mayor Boris Johnson and artist Katharina Fritsch with one big cock(erel). Credit: Ray Tang, Rex Features

What’s 14 feet high, ultramarine blue and standing on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square?

A giant cockerel, designed by German artist Katharina Fritsch!

The cock’s creator Katharina Fritsch told The Guardian newspaper: “I think the English have a great sense of humour. I know they like to play games with language. They like their double meanings. So I wanted to play around.”

I kind of like how blue and bright it is! What do you think?

London shower

I’m really loving this London’s Trafalgar Square shower curtain that I spotted on Joanna Goddard’s A Cup of Jo blog. It’s made of durable vinyl with metal grommet reinforced holes for hanging. Even better? It’s only $27 on Amazon.