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Getting stoned

"One stone" by Daniel Eatock

If you thought you’d never see the day when your weight was back in the single or double digits, weigh yourself the British way: in stone.

I still can’t help giggling when I hear people say they are whatever stone and however many pounds. It just seems like the right way to weigh a sack of potatoes, some oxen or well, stones, and the wrong way to weigh a person (and indeed stone was originally used for weighing agricultural products, so says Wikipedia).

Still, it is the standard in the UK and during the five-plus years that I lived there, I had to get used to doing the the maths (translation: math). Each stone is 14 pounds so you just need to divide your weight by 14 and voila, that’s your weight in stone. Better yet, use this handy-dandy converter.

Just don’t stone yourself if you don’t like the results. (Apologies, I couldn’t help myself.)