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Eye of Sauron in London

Eye of Sauron

Check out @sarahknapton’s tweet and James Hastie’s pic: “Eye of Sauron appears in London as full moon rises over The Shard.”


The new London skyline

One thing that I love about London is that it’s constantly changing, growing, evolving, building and getting better.

I’ve blogged before about the new London Shard, which opened last year, but more skyscrapers are on the way! Check out this artist impression by Hayes Davidson of what the London skyline will look like when these are completed in the next 12 months. Thanks, Buzzfeed!

New London skyline

Shard Tower opens

The London skyline seems to be changing by the day! Meet London’s Shard, an 87-story tower in Southwark, which is officially the tallest building in Europe.

There’s something spookily Lord of the Rings about it, am I right? (Or at least Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

Photo credit: Sellar

It’s currently opening with 26 floors of vacant office space. The only tenant so far is the Shangri-la Hotel, which is using floors 34 to 52. Read more about it.