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Secret Cinema’s tribute to Robin Williams

Dead Poets Society poster

I’m still heartbroken about Robin Williams’ death. I still can’t believe that we’ve lost such a rare comic talent and, by all accounts, such a wonderful human being, to boot.

I feel like his movies and TV have defined so many stages of my life – “Mork and Mindy” as a child, “Dead Poets Society,” “Awakenings,” “The Fisher King” and “Aladdin” in high school, “Good Will Hunting” in grad school when I was also living in Boston, “Happy Feet” now with my own kids.

And we still have more to go. Our family still hasn’t seen any of the “Night at the Museum” films, “Jumanji” or “Popeye.” His passing has also served as a reminder to me of his really wonderful body of work that he has left behind and that we need to seize the day.

On that note, Secret Cinema (see my previous blog post about Secret Cinema) in London is hosting a film screening in tribute to Robin Williams this Friday at the Troxy in East London. They will be showing “Dead Poets Society,” which will raise money for the mental health charity Mind. The evening will feature live music, food, poetry and other performances, in addition to the film.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


Secret Cinema in London


“I didn’t ever imagine it would be like this so I was both shocked and surprised at the same time. I thought we were coming to watch a film!” – one Secret Cinema attendee interviewed by BBC Newshour

I, too, had heard bits and pieces about Secret Cinema and thought it was merely a pop-up shop-style movie theater. Oh how wrong I was!

If you want to get the real scoop, listen to BBC Newshour from yesterday. One of their reporters participated in this mystery night out in London and finds herself on trial, convicted and then sent off to a prison yard a la “Shawshank Redemption.”

I was only able to source yesterday’s Newshour podcast in its entirety (if you haven’t listened to Newshour, it’s a great listen anyway!) but you can scroll to 35:46 to hear about Secret Cinema! Also, check out some of the photos taken at this recent one. Talk about experiencing a movie!

Have you gone to Secret Cinema? What did you think?