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What you didn’t see on NBC …

What did you think of the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday?

I loved it. I thought it was such an inspiring love letter both to the country of Great Britain and to the Olympic games themselves. Irreverent, cheekyl, thoughtful and moving, it was a joy to watch. I’m not a big sports watcher but I do love the spirit of the Olympics and am so happy that London is hosting!

I only wish that we could see the BBC’s full and commercial-free coverage. I wasn’t thrilled with NBC’s commercial breaks – or the fact that there were pieces that weren’t aired on American TV.

Thankfully YouTube has come to the rescue for some of what was missing!

Check out this smashing introduction featuring Benedict Cumberbatch (of “Sherlock” fame) that American audiences didn’t get to see, which kicked off the Olympic opening ceremony.


Olympic love

The royals greeting the Olympic torch. How cute are they?! Photo credit: Ian West/PA Wire

The day is finally here! I’m so looking forward to the opening ceremony of the Olympics today. I’ve heard one insider describe it as “very British” and I can’t wait to see what they do. What we do know: there will be sheep and a host of other farm animals, plows and maypoles, a dance featuring nurses, a song by Paul McCartney and something involving Daniel Craig as James Bond. Is this not going to be the greatest thing the world has ever seen?

And with all the buzz about the Olympics, I thought I’d roundup some of my favorite links and share – enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

A watercolor map of London.

The Karl Lagerfeld Olympics.

A soundtrack to rock the games.

A London double-decker bus does push-ups.

Ab Fab’s Eddie and Patsy carry the Olympic torch.

Don’t take the Olympic name in vein.

Will London visitors learn that British food is good? (Because it really is…)

Beer from the 1908 London Olympic games, anyone?

The 2012 Olympics drinking game, but please drink responsibly.

British food for an Olympics party.