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Watch out, scotch!

English whisky

Watch out, Scotland! The English are quietly producing their own whisky. Check out this New York Times story about The English Whisky Company, based in Norfolk, which is igniting a homegrown whisky revival!

Those interested can order from their website and they will ship globally, including the U.S.


“My London, and welcome to it”

The Waterloo Bridge, with St. Paul’s in the background. Photo credit: Andrew Testa for The New York Times

I enjoyed this travel article by A.A. Gill in the New York Times published last month. If you missed it, give it a read. It’s a real insider’s profile of London as it currently stands – where to go, what to do and see, what to expect – for the next time you’re visiting the Big Smoke.

(I’m also curious to read A.A. Gill’s book on America, which is coming out next year.)