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The Hobbit

As the parent of two little ones, it is rare that we get a chance to go to the movies. I still haven’t seen the new Bond movie. I think our last trip to the cinema was “Moonrise Kingdom.” First world problems, people!

But with my parents visiting in a couple of weeks, we are looking forward to heading out to the movie theater and hunkering down with a small bag of popcorn that will cost more than it should. On the top of our list of things to see is “The Hobbit.” We recently spent a good week rewatching “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and are back in the old Peter Jackson state of mind once again.

This just looks fun and it premieres in the US this Friday!

Fine food and film

Number 5,761 reason why Britain is so cool: The Lounge at Odeon, the new London luxury cinema experience for the over-18 crowd.

With leather seats that fully recline and no more than 50 seats per screen, it’s a spacious way to enjoy a movie. But they also offer a full menu of finger foods, fork-and-knife fare including red mullet and prawn risotto, venison chili and lasagne, and desserts as well as a cocktail menu, all delivered directly to your seat by dedicated wait staff.

It’s a novel way to enjoy the big screen (and certainly beats oversalted popcorn and gloppy nachos). I would certainly check it out if I were in London this weekend …

Speaking of weekends, have a wonderful one and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Americans enjoy a bank holiday on Monday)! I’ll see you back here on Tuesday.

Like Crazy

Have you seen the movie trailers for Like Crazy yet?

I love a good British girl-American guy love story and am like crazy to see it. It’s still in limited release and not playing anywhere near us but I remain hopeful. I already know that I will LOVE this movie like crazy.

Have you seen it? What did you think?