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Second baby news for Will and Kate

Kate, Will and Baby George

Ah, congrats to the lovely Will and Kate on news of baby #2!

Now might be a good time to place some bets. What do you think? Girl or boy?

I think the last go-round, I was pretty psychically sure that it would be a girl (and then was clearly so wrong). This time, well, I’m going to do the reverse and say it will be a boy. A boy named Hugh, in fact. Or Lucien. Or perhaps Joffrey. (Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Game of Thrones.”)

What do you think? And what’s the latest royal name going to be this time?

Happy anniversary, Will and Kate

Who can resist the Will and Kate anniversary Barbies, with presumably ambiguous anatomies?!

This Sunday, Will and Kate will celebrate their first wedding anniversary. *Collective sigh*

In celebration of this momentous occasion, Royal Wedding anniversary souvenirs are flooding the web.

You can see the tasteful selection, which include celebratory iPhone cases, pet T-shirts and Will and Kate anniversary Barbies, which I will admit to crushing on just a bit.