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Cheerio, Fresh & Easy

Wow! After a short but financially unsuccessful run in the U.S., British-owned Fresh & Easy grocery stores are calling it quits. At the time of this posting, Tesco, the parent company, hasn’t announced plans for their 200 Fresh & Easy stores, but are looking into selling.

It’s a shame but I always wished that Fresh & Easy had imported the Tesco line of products (particularly Tesco Finest!). Instead, it ended up being another characterless market in an already crowded marketplace. Cheerio, Fresh & Easy!

Thanks to Ally from A Girl and Her Fork for the tip!


Self bagging

Tesco’s Fresh & Easy Market is making its way across our great land. Two just opened in our fair city this past week and I have yet to check them out. I am curious but early reports have not been the ringing endorsement that I would have hoped for.

What’s putting me off the most is not the vegetables and fruit pre-wrapped in plastic (not what I call “fresh”), but the British cost-saving measure of asking patrons to bag their own groceries (certainly not what I call “easy”). I hated bagging groceries when we lived in the UK – I don’t need the stress of having to quickly bag a week’s worth of items while the guy behind you tuts and waits so the cashier can ring him up (and then having to strongarm all five bags out of the shop, past the parking lot, over to the nearest bus stop, where there was inevitably a crazy person awaiting all too eager for a chat).

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