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No needle drop Christmas trees

No needle drop noble firIt’s been a little over a week since we bought our Christmas tree (noble fir) and the dreaded needle drop has begun.

It seemed almost mystical when I heard that my MIL in England has a “no needle drop” variety of Christmas tree this year. Why do we not have such a variety? Why are we as Americans destined to a needled existence?!

I have no answers, except for living proof of said variety here and here.

When we were living in London ten years ago, I remember buying our Christmas tree online for £5 and was delivered to the house in a cardboard box – all six feet of it! Once we unwrapped the box and cut the netting that enveloped the tree, voila! Instant Christmas tree!

And so it seems fitting that ten years later, the Christmas tree industry in the U.K. would progress to non-needle drop Christmas trees. What next? Trees that decorate themselves? Trees that tie themselves to the roof of your car? Trees that never do that leaning thing?

Finally, for those looking for alternative Christmas trees on our side of the pond, look no further than Apartment Therapy’s round-up of the best 15. These will definitely not drop needles!


The right time to buy a Christmas tree

Santa Big Ben ornament

We put up our tree last weekend. It was, perhaps, a little premature by British standards (it’s not unheard of for Brits to put up their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve!) but a little last minute by American standards and I did want to make sure that we didn’t get the last Charlie Brown Christmas tree on the lot.

I remember one year we waited until nearly the 18th of Dec. and it was serious slim pickings (particularly since many tree lots get their big delivery right after Thanksgiving and sell off what they get. No daily shipments of fresh trees.) Anyway, it’s also just nice to have a little extra time to enjoy the tree, particularly now that our kids are getting older and the run up to Christmas feels more like a sprint than a marathon.

Decorating the tree is always one of my favorite things to do. I love the collection of old and new ornaments, the mix-match patchwork quilt of memories collected over the years. We bought this Santa ornament a couple of years ago in remembrance of our years living in London. (It’s actually from Cost Plus! They still sell this little glass Santa with Big Ben).

When do you usually buy your Christmas tree?

Happy Epiphany

I just had an epiphany last night … that today is Epiphany! The 12 days of Christmas are finally done (yes, so many Americans believe the 12 days of Christmas comes in the run up to Christmas Day but in fact, the countdown begins after Christmas is over).

What’s it all about? What’s it all mean?
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