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When your fanny is not your bottom…

Take it from Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.

You don’t want to be live on-air in Britain and make that rookie mistake of calling your fanny your bottom. Even if you think “fanny” sounds like a Britishism – beware. It’s not. They don’t call fanny packs “fanny packs.” You’ll be hard-pressed to find any British natives named Fanny, not even in elderly care facilities. They don’t even use the grammar rule “Please excuse my dear Aunt Fanny.”

Read the story in all of its hilarious glory!

Bum envy

Everyone wants to be Pippa Middleton. Or at the very least they want her bum (translation: bottom).

Last month, British retailer Debenhams launched a line of derriere enhancing padded underpants and they’ve been flying off the shelves. This week, Debenhams released sales figures indicating that they’re outselling their non-padded counterparts by 148 percent.

Brits are actually paying for more junk in their trunk. Who would’ve thought? That’s Pippa power, folks. Don’t doubt her sphere of influence.

Why else would the Huffington Post this week dedicate an article, not to her recent breakup with longtime boyfriend Alex Loudon (or anything else), but on her bold decision to wear leggings as pants? (On that note, let’s all hope that is a trend that she doesn’t help start…).