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Teignmouth at sunset

I’ve blogged before about the idyllic little Devon seaside village, where my husband grew up – Teignmouth.

For those who haven’t been, check out this drone video taken at sunset – it’s a little moment of zen.

A 5,000 year old forest on a beach in Wales

Lest anyone think that Buzzfeed is only good for useless round-ups of top 10 tips and stuff like this, check out this prehistoric forest that has been uncovered on a beach in Wales following all of the storms and gale force winds that have stripped away the sand. These photos were posted to Buzzfeed.

5,000 year old forest


These are ancient oak trees that date back to the Bronze age, between 5,500 and 3,500 years ago.



And I would never have known about this without Buzzfeed!

A walk on the beach


I love this photo of William and Kate! There’s something very British to me about bundling up for a crisp walk on a quiet beach with Wellies and dog in tow. My MIL lives in Devon and that is pretty much how we spent winters (minus the sunshine and obvious royalty) when visiting her.  I really hate the cold, but love the thought of a hot cup of cocoa after.

Have a wonderful weekend!