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Brits love the onesie

Photo credit: Tony Buckingham

Photo credit: Tony Buckingham

The U.S. may have created the slanket and the snuggie, but the U.K. is doing one better – they’ve introduced the adult onesie and it is taking off like wildfire! Pink, Miley Cyrus and even the Mayor of London Boris Johnson has one.

Every major high street story in the U.K. is carrying them and ASDA grocery store reported selling 140,000 of them in the last week alone. Check out ASDA’s Christmas video with grown adults romping around in some amazing animal printed ones:

(OnePiece sells to the U.S., if you’re looking for one stateside.)

ASDA’s Christmas advert

I’m sorry. I’m borderline obsessed with British adverts during the holidays. They just feel so festive. Case in point: this year’s ASDA advert:

Thanks to Sarah from Newbie Science for this!