Tea drinking test

a cup of tea

Buzzfeed thinks they know how you drink your tea from your answers to just seven random questions. Are they right? Well, take the test and see for yourself.

In my case, they pegged me for a milk-and-one-sugar kind of gal, which I am not. But perhaps my choice of Lionel Ritchie mug made them think I was a bigger softie than I am. Hello?


Posted on 19, November 2016, in Drink and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Gave me no milk with sugar – wrong on both counts!

    In some circles, tea/ coffee is described as “Julie Andrews” (white nun) or “Whoopi Goldberg” (black none)

  2. Hilarious! Not sure what rain clouds have to do with it. They reckon I don’t even drink tea (false), possibly because I chose the “vodka” mug.

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