Skort season

Boden Jersey Skort

Ah, I love a good skort. It’s literally the mullet (well, in the best possible sense of the word!) of the fashion world – skirt on the outside, shorts on the inside.

Boden has done a nice jersey skort ($32) this season that brings back childhood memories of summer. Sweet prints, easy to wear and requires no major ironing. Sizes range from kids 1 1/2 – 12.

Now if they could only make these for adults.

Boden Jersey Skort

Boden Jersey Skort


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  1. I know one of the founders of this company, and they’re for adults!

  2. paulinewiles

    I wear skorts for running – I like to think my “derriere” looks better in them than shorts. They are available from shops like Athleta and Title Nine (“skirts with benefits” is one name they use) and probably LLBean and similar, too.

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