Can you pass for a proper Brit?

Can you pass for a proper Brit?

I just took the USA Today test measuring one’s proper Britishness and scored 9 out of 10. I am feeling exceedingly proud of myself, despite also wanting to kick myself for missing one.

Take the test for yourself and let me know your score!


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  1. I got all 10 – which one did you get wrong? I know eggplant and zuccini for aubergine and courgette, but not heard “endive”

    • I got the question about the articulated lorry wrong (and had narrowed it down to two remaining but picked the wrong answer)! Otherwise, pretty straightforward quiz!

  2. 10 outta ten i guess I cheat though. No-one says going to the surgery (unless they are a doctor) so that confused me!

  3. Hey Trish Britrish! We do say “the surgery,” even when speaking of the dentist’s office. And definitely when referring to the local GP. It is called an NHS Surgery. Laurie

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