You sound like you’re from London …

I quite like this. My Brit-speak is getting rusty so always good to get a little refresher!

You Sound Like You're From London


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  1. Natalie Donegan

    Reblogged this on British Voice Over Talent and commented:
    I need this on a T-Shirt and it would make my life in Tennessee a lot easier. I am chuckling at some of the British words, that I haven’t heard for ages, but all make perfect sense to me. Some of them you may have heard me use and for my close friends, you may even understand some of them as I have translated for you.

  2. paulinewiles

    Excellent list! And only yesterday, I was trying to convince my husband that “shuttlecock” (used in badminton) does not translate into American šŸ˜‰

  3. I think you’ve got “scarf” and “muffler” back to front. “Scarf” is standard British English, and I’m pretty sure “muffler” isn’t (either when meaning scarf or exhaust silencer).

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