Choc Noodle?

Choc Noodle

So, when I first moved to the U.K., I discovered Pot Noodle.

To the untrained American eye, you’d think this creation was a Cup Noodles lookalike. But noooo… Cup Noodles is a completely different, dare I say, beast of a noodle in a cup.

It’s flavor options include original curry, doner kebab, Southern fried chicken and chilli beef. It’s not Asian food and it doesn’t even try to be. It’s go-to hangover food, rich with MSG (I only imagine, if you’re lucky) and fat. My personal favorite — as I was vegetarian during my U.K. years — was the mushroom flavor and I remember I liked it, but can’t really tell you what it tasted like. (I may need to ask my relatives to bring some over so I can revive my culinary memory on that one. Ahh, mushroom Pot Noodle).

But I digress. The Pot Noodle people have come out with Choc Noodle, which pairs their noodles in a chocolate sauce with maple covered pecan nuts and milk chocolate chips. *Shudder* Am I right in thinking that chocolate belongs nowhere near ramen noodles? I think they need to use their noodle and get off the sweets train.


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  1. I used to eat Pot Noodle for lunch sometimes during my student days and I agree, they weren’t too bad (although nutritiously, a train-wreck, of course).
    Not sure about warm chocolatey noodles but I would definitely try this just once, maybe for dessert?

    • Yeah, I’m on the fence with this one, Pauline. The thought of adding boiling water to some chocolate noodles like that puts me off, but if I didn’t have to witness that process, I would probably be okay with it!

  2. I must try this.

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