A day in London

I’m sharing some photos I took on our trip to the U.K. this spring. We spent the last three days of our trip in London.

On our first day, we started at Lamb’s Conduit Street in Bloomsbury and got breakfast (a flat white and croissant) at Tutti’s.


Lamb’s Conduit Street is a sweet little pedestrianized street with plenty of independent shops like Persephone Books, a publishing house which focuses on neglected mid-20th Century women writers.


From there, we took the Tube to Oxford Circus. We stopped in at Liberty on Regent Street, which always has such lovely things. Check out the Tudor style and wood beam ceilings.



Anthropologie has a shop on Regent Street.
Anthropologie In London

And paused before heading to Hamley’s, the British equivalent of FAO Schwartz, with five floors of toys!


I loved their Lego version of the Royal Wedding.


From Regent Street, we took a cab to Covent Garden. We stopped for some fresh juice at Neal’s Yard, a cozy little courtyard with a few restaurants and close to the famous Neal’s Yard Dairy. Neal’s Yard is where the production offices for Monty Python used to be.



Then it was on to the Apple Store in Covent Garden.


Finally, we walked back along the river to our hotel by Tate Modern before dinner.




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  1. Love Persephone Books — the covers are so beautiful, they make great gifts. There used to be a store along my daily commute on Kensington Church St., which made it hard to resist the temptation to stop in constantly to buy something.

  2. It was a beautiful little shop!

  3. I haven’t been inside a Liberty store for years – would love a snuffle round there. And I agree with Jennifer – what lovely paper choices from Persephone.
    But what really made me pause was the lego Prince William: how spookily life-like!!

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