Beginner’s guide to mouse taxidermy

mouse taxidermy

Thanks to, I’ve discovered The Hendrick’s Lecture Series and their anthropomorphic mouse taxidermy class. Don’t worry, it’s for beginners and is offered March through July at Hackney City Farm in London. What a find!

(PS. Be sure to read their “Notes” section about the class, if you are thinking of signing up. Most important notes: All mice are ethically sourced and not killed for this class. And please don’t bring any dead animals with you to the class. Thanks!)


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  1. paulinewiles

    “Please don’t bring dead animals with you…” Euuww! Imagine!

  2. This totally reminds me of a friend who told me about a lady who makes Xmas ornaments from dead mice. Gack!

  3. Oops, looks like I accidently logged account into my ex’s WP account by accident. I always get the PW’s confused. Sorry for the double post!

  4. Thanks! I rarely use WordPress and for some reason it allows me to have two accounts with the same email (different passwords). When the ex-husb and I used to be together we shared the one account. I really should just cancel the old one but I keep forgetting to. LOL

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