The hunt for Plymouth Gin

Last weekend, we ran out of gin, just hours before we were expecting some dinner guests.

I needed a bottle of Plymouth Gin (our favorite brand of gin and the local choice in my MIL’s neck of the woods in Southwest England) and I needed it quickly! The last bottle we had was brought over from England from visiting family. After a search online, I discovered that BevMo now carries Plymouth Gin, as well as Nugget Market! I dashed out and was back within minutes. Great to know that our lesser-known but much-beloved brand is now available close by!


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  1. What did we all do before Bev Mo…seriously? My friend S. just recently introduced me to Leopold Brother’s NY Apple Whiskey. Delicious. Scooted over to Bev Mo and stocked up. šŸ™‚

  2. I’ve also run out!!

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