The hunt for Plymouth Gin

Last weekend, we ran out of gin, just hours before we were expecting some dinner guests.

I needed a bottle of Plymouth Gin (our favorite brand of gin and the local choice in my MIL’s neck of the woods in Southwest England) and I needed it quickly! The last bottle we had was brought over from England from visiting family. After a search online, I discovered that BevMo now carries Plymouth Gin, as well as Nugget Market! I dashed out and was back within minutes. Great to know that our lesser-known but much-beloved brand is now available close by!

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  1. What did we all do before Bev Mo…seriously? My friend S. just recently introduced me to Leopold Brother’s NY Apple Whiskey. Delicious. Scooted over to Bev Mo and stocked up. 🙂

  2. I’ve also run out!!

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