Building a better s’more

This weekend, we went camping with friends at D.L. Bliss State Park in Lake Tahoe! It was absolutely “bliss” indeed – a nicely maintained campground, near the crystal clear waters of Lester Beach.

Now, I don’t if it’s just us but we’re always a little let down by the promise of a good s’more. Do you know what I mean? The chocolate never melts the way it should (perhaps because the toasted marshmallow doesn’t provide enough heat). It’s a part of camping I always look forward to, and then the time comes and it’s a little “meh.”

Well, we tried a variation on the typical s’more this trip and it was a rousing success. Here’s the secret! We took honey graham crackers (in this case, I went with Trader Joe’s brand.)

Then smeared it with Nutella!

The marshmallows were toasted over the open fire, as usual and then added atop the Nutella-topped graham crackers.

Another Nutella-smeared graham cracker was the crowning glory and voila!

Delish! It was gooey, melty, crunchy and good. Try it the next time you are camping!

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  1. Yummy!!!!! I just thought of something we might try, last summer we were at this big candy store and bought a jar of Cadbury chocolate spread….that could work nicely!!!

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