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What can you bring me back from the U.K.?

If anyone asks me what they can bring me back from the U.K., the answer is always the same.

Percy Pigs.


These delish gummy candies from Marks and Spencer are just the best. There are spin-offs with Percy piglets, hearts, sheep and cows but no, nothing compares to the classic Percy Pig.


Dress like Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus I shared the latest Marks and Spencer’s Christmas advert yesterday, but did you know that you, too, can dress like Mrs. Claus from the advert?

I really love this concept. You can buy her dress, her jacket, her sweater or you can buy the teenage sister’s shoes! It’s the ultimate sell. Why can’t all ads be like this?

I’m filled with the same level of glee as when I discovered I could raid the wardrobe of Emma Pillsbury from “Glee” or Jess from “New Girl.”

Marks & Spencer’s Christmas advert

Following my post yesterday about John Lewis’s Christmas advert, I present an alternative take on the Christmas advert with Marks & Spencer‘s latest.

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Fish and chip pie

Fish and Chip Pie

Say what? Marks and Spencer has created the first ever fish and chip pie?! Tell me more!

The box boasts, “A layer of minted pea puree, cod chunks in a béchamel based tartar sauce, topped with thick cut fries and smoked sea salt in a shortcrust pastry.” What kind of mad scientist created this amalgamation?!

Fish and chip pie

What do you think? Yay or nay? Would you try this?

On another note, Marks and Spencer are offering free delivery to the USA for items over £30 for a limited time, with promo code USDELIVERY. Please note that this doesn’t include fish and chip pie. 🙂

Percy Pig turns 21

percy pig turns 21

Percy Pig turns 21 this year! If you’ve never had a Percy Pig gummy sweet from Marks & Spencer, you don’t know what you’re missing! I like to think of myself as a gummy connoisseur and Percy Pig puts every Haribo and Trolli sweet to shame.

Read more on how Percy became the sweets dynamo that it is today. And order some Percy Pig paraphernalia from Marks & Spencer online!

Happy birthday, Percy! And have a happy weekend!

God save the Queen (from this pop art)?

My mother-in-law sent me a link to this pop art and asked if it was nice or naff …

What do you think? Tacky or not? Am I crazy for thinking this could possibly be charming in an appropriately decorated shabby chic-style room?