Why Premier Inn is the hotel destination for families

When we visit London, we stay at the Premier Inn, which remains our go-to hotel.

For some reason, it is just hard to get a room in London for a family of four. Seriously. Either their rooms do not have the capacity for four people or they are quite expensive. It’s almost like an outlandish request if you want to stay together in one room, with your two small children.

But not at Premier Inn. We get the family room and they provide a double (which is basically an American queen) bed for us and two cots for the kids all in the same room for about £120/night. We stayed at one in London Southwark near the Tate Modern, and tried another one near King’s Cross. Both were ridiculously quiet, efficient, clean and consistent.

Even the check-in process is streamlined so you can use a glorified vending machine to get your keys. I’ve never seen anything like it in the U.S.

Plus, kids get a free hot buffet breakfast the next morning (and about £10.50 per adult). We ordered it every morning that we stayed at a Premier Inn because it’s just easier with small kids to be able to get breakfast quickly and taken care of – but the spread was very traditional, with fried eggs, British bacon (boo!), black pudding (double boo!), tomato, beans, croissants (plain, chocolate and almond varieties, yay!), cereal, fresh fruit, toast, crumpets, pancakes, coffee, tea. You name it! It was a smorgasbord of great options! Better than any Embassy Suites breakfast and I don’t say that lightly!

(Note: I am not being paid to say any of these lovely things about Premier Inn. But they really are awesome.)

Premier Inn check in

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  1. I agree with you, we have stayed several times at Premier Inn and we’re pleased every single time. I could recommend it too.

  2. Trish 100% agree with you about Premier Inn, best econ hotel chain on Earth, although I don’t travel with a family. I’m a Londoner but operate a small group literary tour operation from Colorado into the UK & Ireland. In the UK we use Premier Inn a lot & love them. Incidentally the UK is about the same size as Minnesota & just this week Prem opened their 750th hotel. Imagine a hotel chain in Minn with 750 units!
    Word of warning to your readers however. My wife & I tried a new-style Premier Inn ‘HUB’ hotel in London : Geeky small room concept. Utterly dreadful for 2 people with suitcases & about the same price as regular Prems with rooms 2-3 times larger. Go figure that one! Avoid Premier Inn ‘HUBs’!
    Money saving TIP for your readers for London. Prem recently opened a new hotel in Brixton, south London, central Tube Zone 2. It is 5 mins walk from Brixton Tube Station on the Victoria Line which is about 20 mins from Leicester Square etc., comparable timing to Kensington & Earl’s Court hotels. Brixton Tube is on the Victoria Line which is an easy line to navigate. You either go north or south on it & Brixton is the end of the line so virtually all Victoria Line trains heading south finish at Brixton so you can’t go past your stop! Sinple to use. Plus the Victoria line stops at Victoria Tube Station for Gatwick Express & Kings Cross Tube for the Piccadilly Line direct to Heathrow. The room rate at the Prem Brixton is 30%-50% less than central Zone 1 Prems. but only adds on about 5 mins. extra for Tube journeys & cost the same using a ‘Visitors Oyster Card’ as staying in Zone 1. Regards Gregg.

  3. Trish, yes, “double boo” to black pudding! But “boo” to British bacon? Really? I love it!

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