Happy Halloween!

British costumes

Are you dressing up and trick or treating today?

I loved these 31 Splendidly British Ideas For Halloween Costumes via Buzzfeed (although I wasn’t sure what #1, 2, 14 and 22 were!).

As for me, I’m going to be an apple (to match my daughter, who’s dressing up as Snow White). Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


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  1. The Beatles were very clever, but I loved Harry Potter + dog, too!
    We very nearly ran out of candy this year… I was getting in a panic and raiding the pantry for granola bars and fruit pots šŸ™‚

  2. #1 is Dr Who, big sci-fi series (I think it is available in US). I’m not sure what #2 or #14 are either. #22 are a children’s comedy duo, but you’re really not missing anything by not knowing them.

  3. Pauline, we also got quite a lot of kids this year … or at least I think we did. In the spirit of the season, we left a big basket of candy out with a sign that said to “take 3” and when we got home, it was all gone! Thanks, Ruby, for helping out with #1 and #22!

  4. Bethany Coulter

    I thought Harry Potter and the dog were the best! I went as the National Zoo panda, Mei Xing, and her cub this year.

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