How I became an anglophile


“I haven’t always been the tea-drinking, Boden-shopping, Bond-watching anglophile that you see before you. In fact, my first 19 years were spent in relative ignorance of British culture and customs.

My knowledge didn’t extend beyond Princess Diana’s latest designer dress and what I could gather from “Are You Being Served” reruns on PBS.

But everything changed my junior year of college when I took part in a study abroad program in the U.K.”

And so begins, my first guest blog post, published this week, on another blog —, another great site dedicated to anglophiles. I’m so excited to share this with all of you!

Check out my blog post “How One American Became an Anglophile” and have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. how cool! can’t wait to check it out, trish!

  2. Happy New Year
    Just found your blog…I love it!
    I am an Anglophile and this is just the kind of bolg I have been looking for…so much fun.
    My new favorite!

  3. Thanks, Shoko! And welcome to the site, Jennifer!

  4. I enjoyed your guest piece but missed the reference to Boden. Indeed, Johnnie B is becoming as essential to us Brit-lovers as Hob Nobs and Guy Fawkes night 🙂

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