21 Brilliantly British Halloween costumes

Wanda or Wilma

While Americans are paying top dollar to buy a Minion or Joker costume this year, the Brits are having a ball dressing up as alcoholic beverages, TV presenters and, of course, Tardis.

Take a look at Buzzfeed.com’s countdown of 21 brilliantly British Halloween costumes.

As for me? I’m going as Wenda or Wilma, the Girl Friday to Where’s Waldo? or Where’s Wally? (which varies, depending on where you live!) Have a happy Halloween!


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  1. I only know 6 of these…..

  2. Dressing up for Halloween is a relatively new phenomena over here – as is trick or treat, which never existed when I was a kid. Traditional halloween games would be apple bobbing, eating buns dangled from a string (without using hands) and flour cake. But no ghosts or witches, as far as I recall.

    Also, in recent years, halloween and guy fawkes have somehow come intertwined.

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